Our Services


Tax / Superannuation

Maximise deductions, early release of super, rationalise debt, understand super changes.

Workers Compensation

Employers and employees, legislative requirements and fair compensation.

Restraining Orders

Violence Restraining Orders and Misconduct Restraining Orders, advice and representation.

Wills and Probate

Preparation and application and administration of probate.

Guarantors Certificates

Requirement of lenders for guarantors, understand your liability.

Financial Agreements

Commonly named pre-nups, certainty before, during or after a relationship.

Dispute Resolution

Including mediation, arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Contracts & Commercial

Business or personal, precise drafting, interpretation and advice.

Powers of Attorney

State-wide, nominate someone to manage their financial affairs if you lose capacity.

Powers of Guardianship

State-wide, nominate someone to make personal, lifestyle and treatment decisions if you lose capacity.

Health Directives

State-wide, nominate someone to make decisions about your future medical treatment.
  • Joseph and Ors

    “We dealt with Adam Hornsey when a long-term dispute quickly escalated to a hearing in a State Tribunal. Dealing with Adam from Springdale Legal, we were able to answer an immediate injunction and avoid losing what we had fought to keep ourselves up to that point, as well as ensuring sufficient preparation for a positive result in the case a bit later on. ”

    Joseph and Ors

  • Michael and Janice

    “In the world of the law, sometimes even simple things can prove more complicated than they seem if you try to DIY, or use the wrong person. We needed to act as an attorney for an infirm relative, our commercial transfer was crucial to the welfare of family members, and Springdale Legal ensured the T's were crossed and the I's were dotted. Having had such thorough wills for myself and my husband completed by Springdale will avoid the same issues for us.”

    Michael and Janice

  • Chris and Jennifer

    “Many financial institutions today will require independent legal advice before accepting a guarantor or borrower. For a modest fee, it is important to know your liabilities in such an arrangement.”

    Chris and Jennifer

  • Geoffrey

    “The best thing about Springdale is that they can offer a prompt service, particularly for non-contentious matters such as Independent Advice Certificates. As someone in a related industry who often refers certain commercial matters to Adam, I know sometimes how rare this kind of consistent service can be.”