Advance Health Directive (AHD)

A document in which a person makes decisions about their future medical treatment.

There is a hierarchy between a EPG and an AHD, such that in relation to medical treatment decisions, an AHD takes precedence over an EPG.

Treatment decisions relate to any medical, surgical or dental treatment or other health care (including palliative care and life sustaining measures such as assisted ventilation and cardiopulmonary resuscitation). A treatment decision is defined as a decision to consent or refuse consent to the commencement or continuation of any treatment.

Like with EPAs and EPGs, a treatment decision operates only in the circumstances that you specify, and you can consent or non-consent to particular treatment/s. Your enduring guardian or another person cannot consent or refuse consent on your behalf to any treatment to which this advance health directive applies. In that way, it is akin to a directive to your medical professionals alone.

An example of a Directive in a AHD to consider may be: 'In the circumstance where there is no possibility of my recovery in a meaningful way, I refuse consent to the provision of life sustaining measures.'